When Life Gets In The Way of Your Professional Growth

When Life Gets In The Way of Your Professional Growth

If you are facing a specific challenging in your life right now, this article is for you. It doesn´t matter how organized, responsible or self-centered you are. At some point of your existence: life will get in the way of your Professional growth.

I´m positive that you heard about the fact that the Universe answers to any request you may have asked on its own way. To make a long story short, if you ask to have more money, you may find an one dollar bill on the street and now you do have one dollar more on your pocket! Although if you ask for one million dollars on plus on your bank account, you shall get the chance to find better opportunities to build up this amount.

Life happens to the ones who choose to find progress! So, don´t get upset for your one dollar bill, you were moving on the direction to get more money, you were walking in the street…and you found it. Imagine what you may get if you could be more specific about what you want for your life?

And sure enough, if you are moving, you are definitely changing the forces and the energy around you. Life happens all the time even if you do not want. If you were about to get that huge promotion and you found out that you will have to move cross-country because your parents need your help, it may sound like a fail and a downside on your carreer. It may hurt your gut and  make you feel angry about the situation and do not accept it at all. You will do it as an obligation, complaning and even treating your parents badly. Can you relate to anything like this?

Ok. Stop now. Take a deep breath and follow me on this.

Your life is the reflection of the decisions you make. If you are having to take a new course on your life, it may be an opportunity to shift gears and try something new. Look the reality as it is and not worse than it is. Basically, you are moving cross-country and not being stuck on a wheel chair  without any movements at all.

You should see the opportunity on it. Can you get internet on the region you will be moving too? Is it possible to work as a consultant? Can you start your own business? Would you increase your quality of life? Would you be closer to the ones you love again, as you have been busy for the last ten years developping your carreer?

I am not saying that it is easy. I am pointing out to you that the choises you made are shaking the forces around you and the Universe is moving independently of your wishes. So, a-d-a-p-t!

I am asking you to rethink about the opportunity that the new reality may bring into your life. Instead of blaming the others build A new start for your personal and Professional carrer. Be the best maximazing the resources that you have. Be the best using your strength to be the your Life Changing Manager.

As Tony Robbins says success without fulfillment is the ultimate failure.

Fulfill yourself with the new opportunity.

Coach Cristiane Monteiro



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